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Freckles by knightarkness Freckles :iconknightarkness:knightarkness 3 0
When Kingdoms Collide Prologue
Prologue: Welcome To Ponyville!
 "Your Majesty, Commander Morphos has requested an audience with you."
 "Bring him in."
 An odd-looking, black being wearing blue armor walked in to the main hall of the hive palace.
 "My queen," he said while bowing, "I have come to ask a favor."
 "What might this favor be, commander?"
 Getting up, the Elite Changeling said, "As you know, the planned invasion on Equestria should be taking place within the next two years, and so I wish to go the Equestria town Ponyville in disguise so as to spy on them, yet be able to freely roam the streets of the village, and not attract any unwanted attention to myself. I will stay in Ponyville for about two months at a time, and every two months, I will come report new findings, and live in the hive for a week at a time. I have already prepared a disguise."
 The changeling stepped back a few steps, and engulfed himself in green fire. When he came out of the flames, he was a grey peg
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Why? Chapter 2
Chapter 2: What Happened
 "Why do I come here every day? It just brings up more bad memories," Soarin said to himself.
 Soarin's eyes were tearing up massively, and he was thinking about trying to fly home(he hadn't been able to get himself to fly ever since Rainbow Dash passed on), but was stopped by a familiar voice from behind him.
 Soarin just continued looking at the ground, but said quietly, "Hey Twilight..."
 Twilight walked up to his side, and looked at the same gravestone that Soarin was looking at. She just looked at it and starting tearing up herself, although not as much as Soarin, who was all out bawling by now.
 "Hey Soarin," Twilight said with a somewhat questioning tone.
 Soarin didn't say anything, but nodded to show that he was listening.
 "I know you probably don't want to talk about it," Twilight continued, "but could you tell me what actually caused Rainbow's death? For some reason, nopony told me..."
:iconknightarkness:knightarkness 3 2
Why? Chapter 1
Chapter 1: Memories Better Left Bottled
 He was stayed laying there on the soft grass for a few hours, thinking about all the good memories he had with her here, as this was the location of their first date. But no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't help but think about al that had transpired three weeks ago.
 "Soarin... I don't think I'm gonna make it..."
 "Shut up! Don't talk that way Rainbow Dash! You're going to get through this, I know you are," Soarin said with determination in his voice and tears flowing from his eyes as he held his wife's hoof.
 "Sorry Soar... Guess I can't be as loyal as I used to be... It's impossible to avoid," Rainbow Dash said as her strength grew weaker.
 "You're not going to die Rainbow! I know you-"
 "Soarin, before I go, I have one last thing I want you to do," Rainbow said weakly.
 "But you're not going to-" Soarin was cut off again.
 "Take care of Stormy for me..."
 "And make sure she grows up knowing she had a pretty awesome m
:iconknightarkness:knightarkness 3 3
Bass Mic by knightarkness Bass Mic :iconknightarkness:knightarkness 1 0
Why? Prologue
Prologue: A Nightmare
 It was summer, but he was cold. It was noon, but he felt he was in the dark.
 He had felt like this ever since she left, always curled up in a wet ball of tears, wishing he could go back in time, and save her. Now he has a daughter who will never know her mother.
 "Why? Why does if have to be this way? Why do ponies have to," he let out a strong sob at the thought and memory.
 He was there when the accident happened. He saw it in all the details, and was there holding his wife's hoof in the hospital. Most of her limbs broke, even though she was supposed to be able to recover quickly before that kind of accident could happen, she let her guard down.
 He sobbed even more at this memory. He did every time he recalled it, and it was more painful each time.
 "Please... Please, let this all just be a bad dream! Please wake me up from this nightmare!"
:iconknightarkness:knightarkness 5 3
Goodbye, Everypony...
NOTE: If you don't like sad stuff, you may not want to read this.
 Sadness... That was all I could feel in the atmosphere around me. I saw many eyes. Only one pair I recognized, and they were pouring tears like a waterfall.
 I looked to my left, and saw my blue-eyed wife. Prism Shard was a mess. Her pink mane was in disarray, and her face was a soaking wet with tears, as was a large part of the left side of my hospital bed. She held my hoof, but I couldn't feel it. Her lips moved, but I heard nothing.
 I turned to face the ponies in front of the bed, the eyes of which I could not make out.
 At that point, I felt immense pain and suffering, physically and mentally. And I thought, "Why? Why won't this pain end? Please... Please... Just make it stop..."
 I slowly looked to my left, and saw a cyan pegasus, one of the toughest around, other than my wife. She was crying into another pony's body, a very light blue stallion with a navy blue mane. There was a large dark patch of fur on him wher
:iconknightarkness:knightarkness 1 1
TrubbledSoul by knightarkness TrubbledSoul :iconknightarkness:knightarkness 1 0
Well Worth It
  It was approximately 11:00 P.M. Even though it was so late, Rainbow Dash was still quite active, and decided to go for a late night fly. This was the time of night when Rainbow Dash preferred to practice her best and most dangerous tricks. She had two reasons for doing this so late: 1: She wanted these to be kept a secret until she perfected them. 2: It was less likely that anypony would see her screw up.
  She had just begun her final and greatest maneuver, which began with a very large and high speed loop, and just as she finished it, she suddenly and violently banged into somepony.
  "HEY! WATCH WHERE YOU'RE FLYIN, PAL!" RD screamed with extreme frustration.
  "Really sorry about that," whimpered a voice that Rainbow remembered, but did not recognize right away.
  "YOU BETTER BE SORRY YOU-YOU-" she was at a loss for the right insult.
  The pale blue pegasi's eyes widened in surprise when he heard her voice a second time.
  Seeing that he wasn't going to say anything and that she c
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Time Bubbles by knightarkness Time Bubbles :iconknightarkness:knightarkness 14 7 Rainbow Dash in Wedding Dress by knightarkness Rainbow Dash in Wedding Dress :iconknightarkness:knightarkness 3 3 The Key to Your Heart CONTESET ENTRY by knightarkness The Key to Your Heart CONTESET ENTRY :iconknightarkness:knightarkness 16 28 Doodles by knightarkness Doodles :iconknightarkness:knightarkness 0 0 TOBUSUCUS ERROR MESSAGE by knightarkness TOBUSUCUS ERROR MESSAGE :iconknightarkness:knightarkness 34 83 SURPRISE!!! by knightarkness SURPRISE!!! :iconknightarkness:knightarkness 20 4 FlutterMac by knightarkness FlutterMac :iconknightarkness:knightarkness 10 4


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Just a quick journal to say I'm back again... Hopefully?

Will try to update better tomorrow right now its 3:02 A.M. and in sleepy...

That and in playing WAAAAAY to much Xenoblade Chronicles X.

Lets just say I'm probably setting up another account here on DA.

K, that's it good nig-jocigubvhfye&_€_,nnbnvh_&"ihv


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